About Me

Dahrl Thomson

Art flows through my veins–and sculpting stone has been my passion for the last 15 years! My objective is to create original unique sculpture that resonates with others, so I am constantly exploring images, shapes, and textures to accomplish this goal. Inspiration comes from anything and everything–from a shadow to a curve, to the shape of the rock, itself. Nature has an endless supply of forms and patterns to inspire me. The timeless beauty of Egyptian, African, and Native American art has also greatly influenced the forms I carve, as well as some of the great sculptors: Isamu Noguchi, Francisco Zuniga, Brancusi, and Pomodoro to name only a few. Though carving marble is hard physical work, it is very satisfying and a source of constant discovery. Stone is beautiful in its own right as God’s handiwork, representing eons of time, change, and travel. And every stone is different–I love that!

What is almost as fun as carving stone, is having one of my sculptures “cast” into stainless-steel or bronze, thereby giving the original sculpture another interpretation: it may be a “high-tech” look, or a completely different color and finish. To me, it’s all “more fun than Christmas!”